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There are many tools like it, but none that can sell like this.

Conversions. Conversions. Conversions.

DOUBLE your current website response. Really.

 Ask for a demonstration so we can show you how the 40WEB digital brochure plays movies, shows animation, organizes and sells for you.
 Our Electronic Brochure is a professional representation of your company and offering to compliment a website or use as sales material for creating a superb call-to-action in a unique electronic publication.

Your Hook

Do you have a great “White paper” to offer on your website as a means to capture customer contact information? Don’t have a white paper? Most don’t. Don’t worry about it. The 40WEB digital brochure creates broad appeal for the visually, technically, and curiosity inspired. Offer a FANTASTIC interactive brochure download on the front page of your website and you are on your way to DOUBLE your response rates.

Close More Deals

Closing deals with your potential customers getting tough? Let the 40WEB digital brochure do the hard part for you as it articulates your main selling points graciously and persuasively to your prospect, without the pressure. Can’t close the deal today? No problem. Send them a link to your interactive brochure as a leave-behind and track their every move and when it’s time to follow up, you know their level of interest and what interested them. Use the interactive brochure as a sales tool and you are on your way to DOUBLE your closing rates.

Easy to Use

You can flip through it like a paper brochure and it works seamlessly with desktop computers and mobile devices. We handle the optimization for all operating systems and web browsers. Your interactive brochure can be hosted on a web server, used in conjunction with your website, saved and used offline on any device, or designed for distribution on a jump drive, DVD, etc.

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