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By the time your next work week is complete, your website will be too!

 40WEB will build your professional search ready website in 40 hours. The quicker it’s up, the quicker you make money. All standard websites have a 40 hour target completion time. Some clients need something a bit more involved like e-commerce for instance. If your project requires special requirements, call for details on larger projects.

2016 and the Importance of Mobile Responsive Design

There are two hugely important items to consider as we focus on 2017 when you have your new website built. First, aggressive outbound advertising is now prevalent, so when users are utilizing their mobile devices on “mainstream” websites it becomes discouraging. If you want to assure conversions and avoid expensive bounce rates, web designers must focus on a robust mobile experience that ensures that their mobile platform is fast, efficient, and designed to accommodate mobile users first.

Don’t lose focus on a properly produced desktop version either. It just means that if you make the investment in mobile first,

A fast loading mobile friendly solution is essential for internet rankings in 2016. 40WEB’s websites offer high performance and ease of use across a multitude of devices.